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Anyone who is working, whether in the workplace or inside the home knows workplace burnout is real. In fact, the World Health Organization classified burnout as a “syndrome” that is caused by “chronic workplace stress in its 2019 report. Since the pandemic the issue has become even more significant threat to our health.

The MSU Broad Art Museum proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary. If you haven’t yet visited the Broad, this is the year to do it. In addition to the many fine exhibitions and events scheduled for the year, from September 10th until February 12th, 2023 the lead exhibition at the museum will be the largest collection in a single place of works by the architect who designed the museum: Zaha Hadid Design: Untold 

As a chef I’ve always had at least one or two vegetarian/vegan items available on my menu. As a soon to be husband to my wonderful vegan/vegetarian wife, I’m learning that that might not be good enough. It turns out, it is discouraging to have your dinner choice made before you even look at the menu. So now, we are on a quest to find restaurants that offer variety and creativity to the vegetarian and vegan crowd.