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If you don’t know the history behind Cranberries, and we didn’t before our trip to DeGrandchamp Farms we learned Cranberries were first cultivated in Massachusetts. The Cranberry gets its name from Dutch and German settlers who called them “crane berries”. In springtime, blooming vines have light pink flowers with petals that twist back to resemble the head and neck of a Crane. Over time, they became known as Cranberries instead.

Our Great Lakes State is well known for its Blueberries. With over 100 million pounds of Blueberries grown last year, Michigan is a perennial leader in Blueberry production. But Blueberry season ends in September, and fall makes way for another berry to take center stage.

The Lansing capital area is known for many things from the iconic state Capitol to its robust university and business. It’s a place where an active lifestyle is balanced with the re-energizing benefits of spending time outside. No wonder people are in a better mood after visiting the nearby Fenner Nature center.