Michigan Fresh


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Our Great Lakes State is well known for its Blueberries. With over 100 million pounds of Blueberries grown last year, Michigan is a perennial leader in Blueberry production. But Blueberry season ends in September, and fall makes way for another berry to take center stage.

The Lansing capital area is known for many things from the iconic state Capitol to its robust university and business. It’s a place where an active lifestyle is balanced with the re-energizing benefits of spending time outside. No wonder people are in a better mood after visiting the nearby Fenner Nature center.

Anyone who is working, whether in the workplace or inside the home knows workplace burnout is real. In fact, the World Health Organization classified burnout as a “syndrome” that is caused by “chronic workplace stress in its 2019 report. Since the pandemic the issue has become even more significant threat to our health.