Grow The Earth Coffee founder J. Moore, recently talked with us about his company, its important mission and the delicious coffee being produced. We asked why Lansing, and what was the vision behind his brand?

Moore, a Lansing native graduated from Sexton High School where he was Class President and Homecoming King. His roots and commitment to the Capital City is strong. 

When asked to share about his company brand, Moore said Grow the Earth Coffee’s mission is to make the subject of sustainability as easy to digest as a cup of his smooth and aromatic java. That’s quite a commitment. As he described it, this coffee is founded with the three pillars of sustainability – environment, equity and economy. The slogan for the brand says it all - “Better World. Better Life.”

Grow the Earth Coffee lives by their sustainability mission. The coffee beans are ethically sourced to support the Black owned coffee farms in Ethiopia and Brazil where the beans are grown. Then the beans are roasted by a Black roasting company in Detroit for this Black owned coffee firm. 

J. Moore, Founder

The coffee has great flavor, health benefits and is eco-friendly according to Moore. It’s available in three flavors with others being added soon. The coffee doesn’t need any add-ons – no cream or sugar and offers enough caffeine to fuel energy. Since Americans are reporting they are drinking more coffee during the day than any other beverage including water, this is good news.

Moore stated he felt the time was right to start Grow the Earth Coffee. Certainly, it’s the right time to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a mission to make life better. Shoppers can find Grow the Earth Coffee at Playmakers in Okemos. 

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