Jean Husby had a vision to create a venue that gave her the opportunity to retire without really retiring, being involved in a retail customer-facing business and providing a venue to inspire freelance and independent artists. She made her vision a reality in January of 2021 by opening Unhinged Artz in REOTown Marketplace.

Husby wanted to give people a way to see art in a more casual manner. Art that embraces diversity by its expression and the artists creating it. The gallery is a welcoming place for all including as a venue for the performing arts in addition to visual artwork. Visitors come in Wednesday through Sunday to enjoy this unique place of creativity.

Right now over 22 artists are exhibiting their works at Unhinged Artz. Plus, 5 more artists will have their creations displayed in the gallery soon. When new artists show their works it’s available for 90 days. Unhinged Artz also showcases artwork each season. Another amazing way the gallery reaches people is through occasional art pop-up events. The June event is a celebration and showcase of diversity in arts for creators that will focus on handcrafted creations. 

Husby says people come back regularly to view and buy artwork at the gallery because of its diversity of art and casual atmosphere. People value being able to afford the art showcased as well. In fact, many visitors who love art say Unhinged Artz is their favorite choice to start and add to their own art collections. 

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Visit Unhinged Artz - INSIDE REOTOWN MARKETPLACE, 1027 S. Washington, Lansing  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.