Michigan Tiny Homes are a Thing

You’ve heard about the Tiny Home movement, but why did it happen? It’s because a tiny home is a simple, easy lifestyle choice people want to make to scale back and live more easily. Think of it this way - would you rather be cleaning floors for hours instead of minutes when you could be sitting on your patio enjoying nature or a great conversation? Plus, it can be way cheaper!

Whether you choose to build to your specifications or a prefabricated model, the cost of a tiny home is typically from $30,000 to $60,000. Think of it this way - it’s about the same as a new luxury car or truck price, but you have a roof over your head. Tiny homes are designed to be primary residences, but some people like to have theirs built on a trailer so they are more mobile for a vacation type of lifestyle. Whatever your choice, a tiny home is considered as such when they don’t exceed 400 square feet of living space. However, many areas classify tiny homes as having larger square footage. You’ll have to be certain the tiny home you’re planning will meet Michigan local zoning requirements and it follows local codes. The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act provides that municipalities may establish zoning requirements to permit a variety of residential housing. It’s up to you to check with the municipal government entity nearest the area where you want to build. Currently these are some of the cities that allow tiny homes: Ann Arbor, Briley Township, Dearborn, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Traverse City.

Once it’s decided that your dream for a Tiny Home qualifies in the place you want to build, there are several Michigan based builders ready to help. Just do an online search for Tiny Home builders in Michigan. You’ll see listings like Aspire Tiny Homes, Cool Tiny Homes, Dickinson Homes and many more from throughout our Great Lakes state. Cool Tiny Homes is located in Oakland Charter Township and offers both portable and foundation built homes. Open for approx. 6 years, owner Scott Baker decided to start Cool Tiny Homes because of the challenge of creating highly functional living in a tiny space. A long time builder, Baker offers custom design services as well as 6 tiny home models with more coming this spring. Check them out at cooltinyhomes.com.

Aspire Tiny Homes

Dickinson Tiny Homes