Farmer’s markets across the county have been making a comeback over the last few years.

Lee Uhlianuk at the Northville Farmers Market jpegLee Uhlianuk at the Northville Farmers Market.Originally, farmers’  markets are said to have come from Egypt, over 5000 years ago. Though the first Farmer’s Markets in NorthPlymouth Saturday Farmers MarketPlymouth Saturday Farmers Market America are dated back to the 1600’s. The reason for their comeback over 400 years later? 

There are a few reasons, but most notably, it was estimated that in the 1990’s, food in the United States traveled an average of 1300 miles, and changed hands six times, before making it to the dinner table. This is according to Covent Garden Market, an historical Farmer’s Market based in Ontario. Covent Garden Market is one of the few markets across North America, that is older than their residing city itself. They also attribute the rise in Farmer’s Markets’ attendance to a combination of quality products that you could find at your average grocery store, but more fresh as it came straight from the farm, to the market, to you.

Farmer’s Markets offer a social atmosphere, with knowledgeable businesses on hand for any questions, as long as they are willing to take the time. The vendors can be an amazing source for educational tools, with tips on how to best plant your flowers or produce, or tips on how to prepare and eat your fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods.

Northville Farmers Market Northville Farmers Market Some Farmer’s Markets, such as Flint’s, have their own world of diversity, in less than one square mile. This year-round market has 50 vendors featuring several produce distributors, a great meat market, poultry, cheese, breads and baked goods, in addition to a wine shop, an art gallery, a café, and middle-eastern and Mexican groceries. They are open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Venture to the western edge of Metro Detroit, and you’ll stumble into Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown District, which offers two special, unique markets. Saturday is their farmer’s market, and Sunday is their artisan market. The Farmer’s Market features locally grown produce, flowers, shrubs, plants, jams, honey, maple syrup, baked goods, grains, eggs, dairy products, homemade apparel, toys, jewelry, home decorations, furniture, pottery and candles, all in an open-air atmosphere. From May through December, it is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. The artisan market is their own mini art fair held weekly, seasonally, every Sunday from noon - 3 p.m.

According to, most vendors at these markets accept credit cards. In addition, when purchasing food items, many Farmers Markets now also accept SNAP benefits, and other nutrition benefits.

From Marquette, to Grand Rapids, and Holland in between, Michigan offers 300 Farmer’s Markets statewide, according to Michigan Farmer’s Market Association, where you can also find a list of available markets across the state. These kid-friendly destinations can be a great way to involve the young ones in healthier eating habits, all while getting to know your neighborhood, and supporting small businesses.