Let’s take a quick look at some key trends moving businesses forward in 2024.

First, the trend of remote work continues. But, the concept of offering hybrid work that
allows flexibility yet presence in the office will likely increase. This combined with
increasing technology resources that improve collaboration will help businesses grow.
We’ve all heard of the overarching influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on business.
The customer experience is increasingly being impacted by AI with chat bots that will
anticipate individual needs. At the same time, marketing will continue to personalize the
input people receive to meet their specific preferences.

Right now, you probably have multiple subscription-based services you use. This
economic phenomenon will continue to increase to a reported economic impact of $1.5
trillion by 2025. The subscription model of streaming services, and auto-ship products
will continue to expand to diverse industries.

Finally, another major trend becoming even more pivotal to business success is
sustainability practices. Prioritizing the environment with eco-friendly products to
transparent supply chains draw consumers and investors into wanting to do business
with those companies focused on sustainability.