As the climate crisis continues, it is vital the business of all sizes establish sustainable business practices, including sourcing, production, distribution and staffing. And, data shows that customers are seeking out businesses that are good for people and the planet. So, what exactly is a sustainable business? Sustainable businesses utilize ethical sourcing, eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging, low-carbon shipping and recycling or reusing spent material and products.

From sustainable farming to innovative product manufacturing, here are nine businesses in Michigan that are setting a new standard for sustainability.

Genusee is a Flint-based company that makes stylish eyewear made 100% from recycled plastic water bottles as a result of the Flint Water Crisis. At the peak of the Flint-water crisis, during which tens of thousands of residents were exposed to toxic levels of lead in the city's water system, residents were using 20 million plastic water bottles a day. Genusee keeps that plastic in Flint to create new products, jobs and a circular economy within the community.

Wormies, Sustainable composting
Grand Rapids-based Wormies specializes in vermicomposting, a process that utilizes earthworms and microorganisms to convert organic materials into high-quality soil amendment and plant nutrition. Wormies is on a mission to divert organic waste from landfills instead putting it back into the earth. The company offers a food scrap pick-up service, in which in return for food scraps, customers receive nutrient-rich vermicompost in return.

1st Microgreenery
1st Microgreenery is an Environmentally Certified urban farm located on Grand Rapids' bustling Westside that offers nutrient-rich microgreens to order. All plants come from organic seeds in natural plant fiber grown in a climate-controlled environment. All plants are pesticide and herbicide free and are nutrition powerhouses packed with potassium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants.

Flatwater Farms
Located in Buchanan, MI, Flaterwater Farms is certified organic that offers 40 varieties of vegetables, keeps bees and regenerates the land with native plants and cover crops. And, they extend their growing season with a sustainable wood-burning thermo syphon heater playfully called "Diablo."

Arbor Teas
Ann Arbor-based Arbor Teas offers a wide variety of organic Fairtrade Certified Teas. From compostable packaging to solar-powered facilities and a commitment to recycling, reusing and composting, the company strives for sustainability in every aspect of their operations.

Greener Earth
Greener Earth takes a refreshingly sustainable approach to lawn care. Using all organic materials and sustainable practices that utilize help customer's lawns thrive while being good for the environment.

The Refillery
The Refillery is your one-stop shop in Traverse City for refillable products and low-waste goods from hair conditioner, laundry powder, face cream, linen coffee filters, mesh produce bags, metal straws, silicon bakeware and more. Customers can bring their own containers, or containers may be purchased in-store.

Detroit Hives
Detroit Hives transforms empty lots into urban bee farms. The company provides education on bees' key role in our climate while selling wildflower honey and beeswax candles.

Brewery Vivant
A favorite in the Grand-Rapids beer scene, Brewery Vivant is B-Corp Certified and LEED Certified. The brewery utilizes high-efficiency heating and cooling, a rainwater recapture system, low-flow bathroom facilities and more. Brewery Vivant has been publishing an annual report for 11 years in its strive for sustainability and transparency.