Dr. Andrea McSwain founder of Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine (MCHM) has geared up

their centers to offerings invaluable in the communities where MCHM services are available.

Dr. McSwain described her vision and commitment by saying, “I
am dedicated to helping people get better. Health is important. People deserve to live
quality lives versus managing their health.”

MCHM helps people activate how they heal. Dr. McSwain personally experienced the
devasting effects of her mother’s decline from multiple chronic diseases at the young
age of 50. This further strengthened Dr. McSwain’s already strong resolve to help
people. She opened centers first in Lansing, then in Grand Rapids, and expanded to
Traverse City 3 years ago.

The centers embrace health care holistically with evidence-based medicine, nutritional
and supportive services that are deeply helpful. Dr. McSwain shared that more than
85% of people coming to MCHM have been suffering for a half decade or more. They
may have been experiencing metabolism, infection, or toxic metals health issues among
other complications. They choose MCHM as their resource for living quality lives.

Those new to integrative care may begin with healthful supportive treatment starting
with med spa services and supplements or infusions with health coaches available to
guide their healing process. The nutritional support available includes supplements
produced with the highest quality and integrity only available from MCHM.
Dr. McSwain ensures the services are kept affordable.

MCHM helps people take action to improve their health from day one. They come in to
discover a path to healing. Each center’s qualified practitioners establish milestones a
with every individual to engage them in their progress toward results. “We help people
get back their health quickly and cost effectively”, said Dr. McSwain.

All three centers provide health supportive services. Walk-ins or inquiries are welcome.
The Lansing and Grand Rapids locations also offer cold press juice bar refreshments
from their Vitality Health and Supplement company, as well as sauna services. Patients
deserve healthy, youthful skin to look as good as they feel.

“We’re dedicated to helping care for the people of Michigan”, stated Dr. McSwain.
Click on https://micenterhm.com/ to learn more.

 Lansing Office: 1909 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing, MI 48912
 616.264.6556

 Traverse City Office: 3180 Racquet Club Drive, Suite B Traverse City,
MI 49684
 231.252.9000

 Grand Rapids Office: 744 Burton St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
 (616) 264-6556


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