The owner and clinician of Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback is dedicating her life’s mission to helping people when they are experiencing health issues.

Gretchen Morse, DMA, BCNS opened the clinic in 2005 because she knows firsthand how intrusive such events can be in a person’s life.

She began her professional career living out her childhood dream of being a musician - playing as many as 150 concerts yearly.

When a genetic issue as well as a family tragedy occurred, it wasn’t possible for her to continue to perform as a musician fulltime.

These events became the catalyst for change in her life. 

Morse, DMA, BCNS decided to dedicate her career to helping people who are facing situations that they don’t have a choice about.

She collaborated with psychiatric physicians, received neuro training, and gained extensive credentials including board certification in Neurofeedback.

She has trained with leaders in the field, as well as inventors of the equipment she used to ensure she provides the highest level of health services.

Morse, DMA holds a Doctorate and an education degree as well as serves as a board member of the Midwest Society for Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback.

She is knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. As she says, “I have experienced both physical and emotional trauma, and have had to recover from it. I come from a place of understanding. I’m not just schooled and speaking from the textbook. I’ve had to do a lot of work which has given me a deeper understanding. All of which helps to serve the people served here," says Morse.

“People don’t have to suffer. They can be an agent in changing their own physiology in feeling better. At Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback, we have state of the art equipment that’s really useful. One of the most exciting things about this process for people is for them to be able to ‘look under the hood’. They are able to view their own brain to see where their issues live. To see the biology in the brain correlating with a person’s symptoms can be very validating,” said Morse, DMA, BCNS.


Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback sees young children up through senior citizens.

People come in with a variety of behavioral, cognitive, physical and mood-oriented issues and symptoms – a lot health issues can be related to stress so biofeedback is a great treatment approach. Neurofeedback can be useful for spectrum disorders, head injuries, sleep issues, head pain, anger management, focus issues, mood issues - a wide range of health issues.

“We measure pre and post treatment in order to document the physical change and the subjective change for each person. There aren’t many fields of healthcare that offer this kind of data to help people,” says Morse, DMA, BCNS.

“It’s a very natural, organic way of change. No medications are involved. The change is through physiology to promote long term change. There’s no one thing that can cure everything.”

Neurofeedback therapy from Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback is a viable solution. They help people address issues that may be unmet to achieve results when other solutions may not be successful. “It’s worth looking at when people haven’t found answers elsewhere,” said Morse, DMA, BCNS.


People are invited to call 517-290-4965 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more. Visit for more information. Mid-Michigan Neurofeedback, 2154 Commons Pkwy., Okemos 48864. Facebook



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