An iconic Lansing area destination for decades, this bookstore has had an amazing impact on the state of Michigan, and people who love to read, enjoy tarot, astrology, and want to purchase sage, crystals, incense and more.

TGDAWNTriple Goddess Bookstore owner Dawn Botke-Coe has always wanted to share her psychic abilities as her passion and vocation. She knew sheTGbooks had the gift from the age of seven starting out as a palmist and astrologist. So upon graduating from MSU, Dawn, her Mother Georgia and her best friend Sally joined together to bring their gifts to others at local psychic events throughout the state of Michigan.

This is where the story gets extra interesting: at a 1992 psychic event in Bay City there was a police raid ticketing them for practicing “fortune telling without a license”. That experience resulted in Dawn bringing the psychic community to MSU to learn from an expert San Francisco attorney regarding the incident and how to address and eliminate this archaic law. The outcome is that on April 1st, 1993 the law was removed in the state of Michigan.

The Triple Goddess Bookstore original location was well known at the four corners of Okemos for many years. As Botke-Coe remembers, many of the patrons of the Travelers Club also came to the store. That same sense of community is in play at the Lansing location at 2019 E. Michigan Avenue since the change in location ten years ago. There are several local businesses like the coffee and tea shops and karate studio where customers go back and forth to Triple Goddess and the other stores.

TGtarot.webpNow, the Triple Goddess Bookstore location holds three shops (the others are primarily new and used books) as one in downtown Lansing. Open 7 days a week from noon until 6 p.m., the bookstore has a vast and interesting selection. There are 65 Tarot decks, 40 Oracle decks, astrology readings, books, herbs by the scoop, Tarot readings, crystals, and so much more. 

Be sure to come into the store anytime. This Eastside Neighborhood bookstore is where you’ll be welcomed by Dawn Botke-Coe and Alan Coe. Visit online at and