Michigan Smart


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Calling all local entrepreneurs! Being an entrepreneur in Michigan presents a powerful opportunity right now with the state of Michigan investing heavily in support of our thriving economy. For example, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation offers Entrepreneurship and Innovation services, Pure Michigan Business Connect, an International Trade program plus Small Business development programs among others. Michigan also offers the largest selection of angel investors and funding.

Healthcare needs you. While there are plenty of job opportunities in the state of Michigan, these five healthcare systems rank as places that are considered some of the best to work for in the state as reported by Zippia, the Career Expert. They are: Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, Covenant Health Care, Henry Ford Health System, West Michigan Cancer Center and Beaumont Health.

As the climate crisis continues, it is vital the business of all sizes establish sustainable business practices, including sourcing, production, distribution and staffing. And, data shows that customers are seeking out businesses that are good for people and the planet. So, what exactly is a sustainable business? Sustainable businesses utilize ethical sourcing, eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging, low-carbon shipping and recycling or reusing spent material and products.